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However, if we use algebraic She agreed to repay the loan by To solve this equation means that we must find out what the value of "x" is. To do this, our task is to isolate "x," or, in other words, get "x" alone on one side of the equation and everything The corresponding growth or decay factor is 0. We are asked if the growth or decay factor is.

Since the annual rate of change is negative, I would interpret the question as Critical points of a function are where the first derivative of the function is zero or fails to exist.

So we need to One of the ways to find patterns in the sequence of numbers is to examine differences between the adjacent numbers. In this case, we would find that: Determine whether the sequence converges or diverges. If it converges, find the limit That is, for every index The equivalent question then is to find the Explain the difference between an annuity and a mutual fund.

An annuity is very different than a mutual fund; although, there is an intersection between the two. A mutual fund, to define that first, is an investment pool in which multiple individuals, Is the number theory a complete abstraction or are there real applications of it in the wold?

To answer your question in short: To answer your question in long. Philosophers have been arguing for literally millennia about whether or not mathematics and by extension number Please answer in order 2 images. So, this would give you. Answer questions in images below. Please answer in order provided. Take the derivative of the function. SEE questions in images below 9 images.

There are a number of problems here; some solutions, not in order, are as follows: Typically that means using the limit What is an inscribed angle, and how do I solve them in geometry? Inscribed angles are angles inside circles where the vertex is "on the circle", as in the attachment, the angle in red.

The green angle is called a central angle. As for solving them, that would See attachments below 3 images. Let us start from the first question, as it is the most straightforward.

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