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Thesis Statements on Lord of the Flies

lord of the flies essays law order

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by William Golding

The first being the arrival on the island, the assembly, the establishment of rules and regulations, the election of Ralph as chief, the Coral Island like perceptions "flower and fruit grew together on the same tree" and the hope of rescue.

The story begins on a Pacific Island where an unknown amount of English school boys aged between six and twelve have been left stranded, after their plane was shot down. They are in the midst of an atomic war, and although Golding does not elaborate we perceive that much of the world has been destroyed and the children were in the process of being evacuated.

With all adults on board dead, the children are at first over joyed at their new found freedom. It is on the beach that we first meet two of our main characters, Ralph and Piggy.

Ralph, a tall boy who is "built like a boxer" and Piggy who is overweight, wears glasses and has asthma. The two boys then come across the conch which Piggy instructs Ralph to use and they call a meeting. This is where we meet the sullen dominant head choir boy, Jack Merridew who is described as being "ugly without silliness.

Everything contained in this part of the book is to do with childhood innocence and confined within law and rule. They still feel the constraints of society and the forbidden is still evident. Roger throws stones to miss Henry because he feels that round the innocent child "was the protection of parents and school and policeman and the law". The second part takes on the first parts threats as reality.

With the arrival of the dead airman brings change and fear to the boys. Watching the fire and maintaining the shelters becomes tedious and its is obvious that hunting is the real attraction. Because of this a ship passes and the signal fire is left to burn out. The group is slowly broken up by a superstitious terror known as the "beastie".

Jack eventually goes off by himself in an act of tyranny and one by one the novel tells of how the boys desert Ralph and Piggy. Destruction is everywhere and its is now that the real beastie becomes clearer.

It is not a beastie or a snake but mans own nature. Simons insight of this is in the end confined to himself and he pays the price for this insight with his own life when he is killed in a frenzy of tribal dance.

SimonТs death highlights the true evil that has been created on the island and with the dead airmen symbol no longer needed it and Simons body is carried out to sea in a mystical high wind.

Every rule, regulation and moralistic obligation is destroyed because no longer can anyone remember when things were other wise.

And instructed by Jack and Roger the boys hunt Ralph down across the island with the intent to sacrifice him to the beast. The naval officer is amused by the children who needed "a bath, a hair cut, a nose wipe and a good deal of ointment.

Like the Coral Island. With this Gloding finally restores our view to the "external scene" the picture of our world. Lord of The Flies analyses the disintegration of a group and it is through symbolism that Golding exposes the desperate wickedness and callous evil in society and the "end of innocence and the darkness of mans heart. Although Golding has acknowledged "a pretty big connection" between the two they are vastly different.

The main characters in each book share the same names, Ralph and Jack. While Coral Island does show evil, it comes in the form of the Pirates and natives. With the English school boys behaving "proper" throughout. One where the badies and goodies are easily distinguished and one where the two merge and are evident in everyone including Ralph.

What should i write about??! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? One of the themes, maybe the central theme of LotF, is the relationship of Law to civilazation.

It starts with the boys knowing what is right, and trying to do it, and ends with them gone tribal or less.

It starts with a pass-the-conch order, and ends in murder. So their civilization is progressively getting less civil, less tolerant, less nice. So chart this in your essay. Related Questions 3 fundamental laws that would help create order on the island lord of the flies? Lord of the Flies - How does Ralph represent democracy and law and order in the novel?

Anyone read Lord of the Flies? Lord of the Flies- Need help? Can anyone help me with this book?

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In Lord of the Flies, Golding has shown that humans are naturally attracted, not to law and order, or even a balance of order and freedom through social agreement, but to unlimited freedom without responsibility.

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows the readers how law and order is obtained and enforced, disrespected, and finally broken and forgotten. He does this threw a continues use of symbols and action portrayed in the novel. This is a good portrayal of how the "real world" actually is.

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When you first read Lord of the Flies you may think and is a simple adventure story of law on a deserted island. But if you take a deeper look into it and consider the statement above you will see that essay book is also an order to trace the defects of civilization back to the defects of human nature. lord of the flies law and order essay Or are there just humans, and that's how we are, and we should all stop passing judgment? In Lord of the Fliesrules and order are only as powerful as people agree they are.

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