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❶Most Notorious Instant Degree Scams 1.

Will it really help my career? What other options do I have? All these questions may appear on our mind when we think about whether or not to buy a PhD. Well whether it is about buying PhDs, diplomas, degrees and certificates there is not a single right answer to these questions. It really depends a lot on you, your interests, knowledge, especially when we are talking about the specific case of a PhD versus lower degrees.

A PhD degree is much more serious than just buying a regular diploma or a certificate. A PhD is normally done to prove the more advanced experience and understanding of content by the student. The 4 or 5 years studying mean nothing if you are not able to put your knowledge into practice. A PhD course covers that function by proving that you are able to take all of that content that you studied and apply it to an investigation, experiment or hypothesis, and also after being able to do this you shall be able to write the results of your studies in an understandable way that will improve the knowledge of others in your field.

Some years ago, granting a PhD to an individual was defined by the process of this research and subsequent writeup known as a dissertation. So a PhD is almost writing a book. Over the past decade, diploma mills in the U. Just submit your resume for a work experience evaluation and get an instant degree. The only graduation requirement: Many were caught trying to cheat their way to a better career.

A few, sadly, have committed criminal acts with their fake degrees that have led to a felony indictment or the loss of innocent lives. Below, we list the top notorious 10 degree mill scams. For more information, read the full article or see the video. Thankfully, Chester has committed no crimes with his degree mill credentials. Instead, he uses his fake MBA to help consumers get educated before they get scammed.

So the College is Legal? Our legal advisors check every school thoroughly and we never deal with any school operating unlawfully. Is the College Accredited? Will the school be English speaking and have a website? Yes, the working language of the school will be English.

Your physical diploma and other documentation is dispatched within 5 days after that. This is a separate service provided by the leading apostille experts, Apostille. They have confirmed the legality of all the schools in our network, so will gladly assist you after your graduation should you require super-legalization. We are very strict on this and we only deal with colleges and universities who have the very best quality documentation. All the institutions we represent meet at least the following criteria.

The embossing passes all the way from the front of the diploma, to the reverse side.

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When you want to buy a PhD online from us you have to provide us information regarding your work history, education and experiences. If you have a job at the moment you should provide us information about the tasks you have to accomplish at work and your major achievements.

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There are lots of reasons to go to graduate school. Here are 15 reasons NOT to go to graduate school. Buy PhD degree online instead!

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Online Form - Payment Information - Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). If you want to buy a PhD online take some careful time and consideration to review what you are about to purchase before you go through with it. Alternatively go for an Instant Degree to solve your problem. Accredited Instant Degrees from us are accepted and recognized worldwide.

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